End of life Vehicles (ELV) With the intention of the manufacturer that includes being responsible for the environment “Toyota Global 100 Dismantlers Project” arising from an agreement between Toyota Motor Corporation group and Toyota Tsusho Corporation group to manage disassembly for waste of the End of life Vehicles (ELV)

In Thailand, GMT is responsible for the locations that are ready to support disassembly process. Dismantling operator who have passed the knowledge directly from ELV recycling business of Toyota Tsusho Corporation For disassembly parts that are safe proper and secure on Toyota Tsusho Group Safety Standard

Preparation procedures for disassembly parts that may contaminate the environment. Starting from the fuel oil and liquids left in the Car scrap. Followed by Absorb CFC/HFC, Battery, Airbag, LLC and oil.

With confidence and assurance that every ELV enters destruction process in a right manner with environmentally friendly car waste management system.